Schalea Sanders (CEO/Founder/Consultant)
Schalea Sanders (CEO/Founder/Consultant)

The introduction of Common Core (CC) standards, diminishing resources and increasing number of English Language Learners have challenged our students, teachers and administrators like never before. Educational communities nationwide have demanded assistance. In 2014, Schalea Sanders provided that relief when she founded Sanders Educational Consulting (SEC).

Sanders’s goal as CEO is to improve educational services within our communities by providing stakeholders with state-of-the-art instructional methods and corollary services. As a teacher and administrator, she successfully delivered the CC curriculum across the content areas, enriching and effectively managing those classroom and school environments. Now she is making the strategies she developed—and more!—available to the educational community. Her SEC team works with educators and families to:

  • Develop original, engaging teaching practices
  • Integrate technology in the classroom daily
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders
  • Involve underrepresented parents in becoming active members of our communities
  • Design and facilitate meaningful professional development
  • Incorporate literacy across the content areas
  • Help educators and administrators understand the student perspective
  • Assist students and families as they navigate the educational system
  • Identify every child’s gifts

An innovative educator with more than a decade of hands-on classroom experience, Sanders holds a post-grad degree in Educational Leadership; an MS in TESOL (PK –Adult); and a BA in Spanish, Language and Literature. Extensive travel and study and living abroad in Europe, South America and the Caribbean inform and enrich her multicultural bent. She is a proven leader in delivering student-centered instruction, with positive data-driven results, to diverse groups, including:

  • Special education students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
  • Students with diagnosed behaviors impacting learning
  • English Language Learners (ELLs)
  • Students of low socio-economic status (SES) with limited resources
  • Homeless children and families
  • Expectant teen mothers
  • Inner-city youth

Sanders has a reputation for resolving complex situations with aplomb. From suicidal students to a school about to lose its accreditation, she finds the right solution. She is also a natural communicator, nurturing rich relationships every day through enthusiastic community participation and volunteer work.

Schalea Sanders and her team at SEC are active members of our community. They care about children. They are here to help further the development of our teachers to further develop our students—to help them realize their best selves! You can trust Sanders and SEC to produce tangible, positive results as together we build a world-class education for our children.